I’m a multidisciplinary designer dedicated to creating the relationship between the elements to make it conversational on screen, in print & space. Currently I work for an IT company and residing in Taipei. I hold a BFA from Tainan national university of the arts, and have studied painting in Russia.

I have an affinity for typography & reading, check out my side project Redesign classics  &  Typography design.

If you are interested in design & literature, please subscribe VHS  — Design vitamin for creative mind. This publication is my attempt at curating design skills, resources, and something worth for reading. Also a place for the creative writing.

What I do.

Brading Digital Design Priting Design Campaign

I support and specialize in Visual communication design. Currently I work as a visual designer for a IT company, and have worked for a digital agency, branding strategy service company, and a multidisciplinary firm for major corporations, museums, governments and symphony orchestra...etc.

Get in Touch.

I'd like to hear from you, please feel free to drop me a message if you would like to discuss more or have any ideas.